Organic Farm Consulting from the Heart

cultivating positive change through horticulture, in community

we are thinkingandfeeling creatures

So many times we find ourselves caged in and up, and the challenges we face seem larger than the lives we are leading right here  and now. Have you seen a fat fall carrot plucked from deep, black dirt and nearly as long as your forearm? At times our spirits disconnect from the vitality of life we were designed to live in union with. There are pathways to restoration and rejuvenation.  The cage, once rattling with malcontent opens to a spring field and that field to a larger world of deeper connection and integration of who and what we really are.

Statistics can quantify the dis-ease we experience, yet these numbers have no feeling associated with them. We know in our bones the depths of our cultural dis-ease, we simply need to step into our power to reclaim who we are and what our communities are truly capable of.

Our food and farming systems are broken. No amount of industrial organic can replace the feedback loop from communities, within communities. When we feed each other, we know each other, and when we know each other we connect to something larger than ourselves-each other.

It is time to devote our generous energies on a new path. The old ways are in dissolution, the world that we were domesticated into has failed to serve us. If change is going to be made, we little choice but to take responsibility for our food and communities.

Modern life can leave us feeling fractured, stressed and compartmentalized, yet we know in our hearts that we are whole. Sometimes, we need a helping hand to discover ourselves anew. As a certified hypnotist and trained shamanic practitioner, I am in service to those willing to receive that helping hand.

Our relationship with chosen places and spaces become part of who we are. Capture the essence of your amazing farm or horticultural enterprise for print and digital marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words when it captures all there is to see and feel.


It’s time to be honest about what we want, need and how far we are willing to go to rebuild our broken industrial and local food systems. All humans have a right to clean, ethically sourced food. How can we shed the weight systems that are no longer serving us and recreate the horticultural world we need?

re(vision)ing real food

Local farmers producing healthful, nutrient dense, living food live in reciprocal relationship with the communities they serve. Both sides of this relationship can become imbalanced when the ideal of farming comes into conflict with the reality of actually growing food. It is time to take a deeper look into at how local farming can really work.