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Self-hypnosis is a pathway to breaking down patterns in mental and emotional daily life that cause blockages and limitations in realizing our desires. 7th Path® self-hypnosis uses a series of recognitions to eliminate negative patterns in a few relaxing minutes each day.

Individual Sessions

Working one on one gives an excellent opportunity to learn directly with specific guidance in your 7th Path® practice.

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Group Sessions

Learning 7th Path® as a group has advantages as well. There is an immediate support group through the group connections provided by the nature of the setting. Group sessions provide a lower cost for individuals attending and can be done on-site and remotely.

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Local and Remote

Regardless of where you are located, GreenAlchemy has a solution for your individual or group needs through on-site or remote 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis guidance and support.

who could hold space for you, better than you?

When we make the space within ourselves to listen deeply, sometimes we surprise ourselves. Cal Banyan is fond of saying, “7th Path Self Hypnosis is the only anti-virus program for the human mind.” 7th Path, as a practitioner for over five years, is a homecoming. It will find you in a sour mood or elation, alike. It meets me right where I am in any given moment.

Refined by time and generations of curious solution seekers, 7th Path Hypnosis is born out of experiential research into human health, healing and consciousness. How can we learn, expand and grow beyond the limitations of those who came before us? How can we find identity, meaning and service in this world we have come to call home?

7th Path Self Hypnosis makes no promises and it will return only as much as one gives. Can self-hypnosis help guide you in the direction of your choosing? Yes. Will it support you as you choose to make changes in your life? Without a doubt. For all of the questions that we all encounter on our life’s path, with the uncertainty and blockages that seem to limit our growth where are we truly seeking to arrive? 


you are ready for this if. . . 

  • You have decided that you seek a deeper relationship with yourself

  • You’re seeking a daily personal practice that can compliment a your journey in life, with each step you take

  • You desire to reinforce and compliment work being done in 5-PATH Hypnosis