energy protection for the sensitive

Red Mountain Warding Powder is created from foraged antique bricks found in and around Patagonia, Arizona. Crushed and sieved by hand, this brick powder is used to keep energy clear in and around any location of your choosing. It is amazing for protecting home, hearth and ceremonial spaces.

Due to the protective nature of brick as a building material for walls and roofs in the Southwestern United States

how to use warding powder

  • Start by clearing your interior space with a strong intention that no energies other than your own be present and consider smudging with a window left open for negative energies to withdraw.
  • Continue outside with both your intention and smudge, setting the boundary and limits of cleared space. Consider using stones or nails at the corners.

  • If you are considering educating yourself on energetic protection and clearing, Mary Mueller Shutan’s fine work is very practical and down to earth. 

while you’re here. . .

The sensitive among us require a different kinds of self care. If you are sensitive and find yourself struggling with fear, deconditioning or self limiting beliefs, please reach out!

The world around us is changing dramatically and in highly polarized ways. 7th Path® self-hypnosis can help liberate your thinking and feeling selves, opening up mental bandwidth, resilience and clarity.