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We Eat With Our Eyes

regarldless of class, race, or identity

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Our food system is doing exactly what it was designed to do; keep people in a state of dis-ease. The origins of this dis-ease are based not in external circumstance, but in each individual’s feeling self. This is the dissonance you feel when you make food and life choices that are in conflict with what you know your body needs. Whole food, real food is at the root of our health, our families health, our communities health. Clean, life enriching food is not only a basic human right, living food is a pathway to healing and wholeness. Each and every one of us alive today faces a choice; will we suffer the big lie, or will we turn towards healing and liberation?

We Know and Feel the Truth

Statistics can quantify the dis-ease we experience, yet these numbers have no feeling associated with them. We know in our bones the depths of our cultural dis-ease, we simply need to step into our power to reclaim who we are and what our communities are truly capable of.

We Know What We Need

It is time to devote our generous energies on a new path. The old ways are in dissolution, the world that we were domesticated into has failed to serve us. If change is going to be made, we little choice but to take responsibility for our food and communities.

Cultivating Autonomous Leaders

If not you, who? If not now, when? Change begins where you now stand, with the resources cultivated and raw. What could you turn a weed filled dirt patch into? How many people could you feed? What might be the ripple through time and space as we return to life enriching, sun drenched, sustainingly simple foods.

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Eat TogetherWork TogetherSing Together

We create narratives without our words. Some of those narratives are inspirational, others are historical. Many of these narratives need to die in order for a new way of feeding and eating to be created. It is time for hyper-individualist farmers to reconsider the context and time in which they stand. How can viable models for food production be created out of existing resources, in partnership with the soil and wind; the rain and the sun?

wHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT, HOLDING ONTO HIS-TORY OR seeding unity through food, forks and community?

How can we, as agricultural ‘producers’ raise the bar for ourselves and our communities? We, collectively, stand at the precipice of the failed state of agriculture. We have allowed the collective wealth of this country, fertile soils, to wash into the Gulf of Mexico for generations. We have chosen profit over community and reciprocity. We have chosen to declare war on the biologic of whole bio-regions.

growing food is a *joyful* act of rebellion

Community is the only viable solution to rebuilding a food system that we want and choose for and with our desire to remediate ourselves, our families and our communities.