My agricultural adventure started with five acres of clay loam in central Indiana in 2004 after interning at Blue Moon Farm in Urbana, Illinois. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was perfectly content in my ignorance. I was twenty six years old, without partner or kids and was happy to be alive.

Four years later the local food movement had taken off. I watched sales double year on year as the farm grew from a couple acres to nearly 12 by 2012. Metro Indianapolis went from questioning what this ‘salad mix’ was to buying nearly 300 pounds a week. Once a farmers market only farm, the business expanded into restaurants, wholesale and Community Supported Agriculture.

Then, in 2010 I lost my wife, partner, confidant, business partner and mother to my one year old daughter in the flash of a lightning strike.

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Totoro @ Harvest Moon Flower Farm, Spencer, Indiana 2021

a kid, a dad and a bus named totoro

In 2020 we sold our 20 acres in Northwest Lower Michigan and spent four months retrofitting a former American Red Cross blood donation bus into an off-grid tiny home. We spend our winters near Nogales, Arizona and summers on Michigan’s Golden Coast.

We are creatives engaged in an exploration of life, farming and spirit as we wander to and from our summer and winter homes. We commonly find ourselves on farms and horticultural enterprises in search of good folks and good food.



i am a horticultural resource and mentor

Whether by choice or design, farms and institutions find me to help guide them in their beginnings and transitions to facilitate resources, planning, implementation and system design.

Alchemy is a process of creative transformation, of stepping back and becoming a reflective observer before proceeding with action. In relationship to horticultural enterprises this means, first and foremost, knowing where one stands and how a farm relates to its cultural, economic, and biologic niche. With an understanding the why and how of the present, informed decision can then be made toward existing and novel future directions.

I use innate tools of perspective, insight and vision in combination with a strong, practical understanding of clearly articulated issues to help beginning farmers, institutions, and regenerative projects in transition to become more than the sum of their parts, creatively leverage existing skills and resources toward renewal and reclamation in new possibilities.

you are ready for this if. . .

  • You are willing to curiously engage and explore what is possible in order to define what you want

  • You are willing to turn towards a solution oriented growth mindset

  • You are willing to accept risk and consequences to making changes to an existing horticultural system
  • You have decided that change is necessary for the continuation of your horticultural enterprise