foundations in health

Local, clean farming and food is integral to individual, family and community health. Period. In choosing to consider organic and regenerative horticulture, we as community leaders and guides help to elevate others around us with knowledge and understanding in our collective reconditioning as to what is real food. 

Both the production and education of ourselves and those we love is hard work. It is hard and compassionate work. Growing food for people asks a great deal of those managing the enterprises that do this fine work. Sometimes farms ask more than their managers and owners have to give, while at other times the work seems like it flows from us like water. 

Green Alchemy has the grounding and experience to assist your operation in its beginnings and transitions. There are a ton of people out there who want to farm, yet the average experience level of a farmer is less than five years. Green Alchemy bridges the gap between experience levels with experiential insight and perspective to help your enterprise thrive this year and ten years from now.  

GreenAlchemy’s Successes

  • Harvest Moon Flower Farm | Spencer, Indiana | 2010-2021

  • Borderlands Seed and Nursery | Patagonia, Arizona | 2022-2023

  • Blue Moon Farm | Urbana, Illinois | 2010, 2013, 2021
  • Grassroots Halal | Snohomish, Washington | 2021
  • A Few Friend of the Environment and the World | Mason County, Michigan | 2017-2020
  • Lakeshore Food Club | Ludington, Michigan | 2018-2020
  • Food System Economic Partnership | Tilian Incubator Farm | Ann Arbor Township, Michigan | 2013-2014

  • Broad Ripple Farmers Market | Indianapolis, Indiana | 2008-2012
  • The Orchard School | Indianapolis, Indiana | 2006

building foundations

Starting a farm is an expensive process that will take time, effort and capital to get up and running smoothly. Many for profit farms prefer to learn experientially and grow skills and assets as they go. This is a wonderful way to learn and it means learning from your mistakes. Another route is to consult with those with experience to second guess assumptions, find constructive criticism, and refine an existing farm plan in order to save some of those hard fought experiential lessons.

Mentorship with Green Alchemy is for those in the latter category, those that wish to learn from the mistakes and lessons others have lived, so that they can save time and money putting solid foundations under a new enterprise, or while revamping and existing operation.

The foundation of a solid farm that will stand the test of time include:

  • A holistic skills and interest assessment
  • Evaluation of land use suitability (drainage, water holding, water table, flooding, irrigation water, etc)
  • Development of a working business plan that unearths unseen assumptions
  • Asking hard questions about commitments, skills, and financial resources
  • Potentially seeking progressive farm marketing models

Having these foundational pieces in place, clearly articulated, can really strengthen an operation. Imagine purchasing and investing $500,000 in your future home and income stream only to find out that the physical qualities of the land and your enterprise are not well mated. Now, imagine spending that same amount on a property where you have an established business and production plan in place, a clear direction and purpose; that might be, well, foundational




you are ready for this if. . .

  • You are willing to curiously engage and explore what is possible in order to define what you want

  • You are willing to turn towards a solution oriented growth mindset

  • You are willing to accept risk and consequences to making changes to an existing horticultural system
  • You have decided that change is necessary for the continuation of your horticultural enterprise